About Us

Welcome to Jazan Science Schools

The Jazan International Science Schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serve as a link in a series of distinguished international schools belonging to the largest educational companies in the Kingdom. Jazan International Science Schools was established in 2013 to provide quality education to both non-Arabic speakers and speakers. Jazan International Sciences seeks accreditation from various international organizations after learning about the practices of educational and educational schools in line with international standards in teaching and learning. The Arabic language, Islamic studies, and national identity materials have a prominent place in the curriculum of the schools and they have undertaken to work in a steady and confident way to elevate and promote the simulation of the major schools in Riyadh, characterized by their class and extracurricular activities and gained advanced positions in all fields of activities. Each forum of education forums The school assesses many student activities such as the methodological festivals that benefit students and students in ways different from what is given within the chapters and has great importance in the delivery of information in the easiest form. On the stage of the school stand students and students each year and provide the innovations and skills and highlight through the theater talents and skill skills. Morning radio is one of the prominent activities focused on the General Administration of schools, where the rewards for the winning classes because of their impact on the development of the personality of the student and student and highlight his talent.

Comprehensive quality

Schools strive to develop a comprehensive quality system to increase reliability and develop the outcomes of their educational services

Continuous development

To invest effectively and continuously in development by providing an ideal learning environment and applying modern teaching techniques

Our vision

An advanced Indian-English curriculum with an interest in teaching Arabic and French and a special interest in teaching the Quran and Islamic studies.

Our goals

• Achieving the goals of education through our programs and communication channels.
• instilling good Islamic values and ethics in young people.
• Promoting a culture of dialogue and skills among students.
• Prepare students for competition at the achievement level and international measurement tests.
• Focus on the practical dimensions of educational curricula and the creative formation of students.
• Creating a school atmosphere that encourages learning, education and the development of thinking skills.
• Achieving the standards of the school.
• Achieving the principles and standards of total quality.
• Integrating technology into the curriculum.
• Strengthening partnership with the local and global community to move
towards a knowledge economy.

Our Mission

Provide quality education, world-class features.
Islamic orientation, in an educational and educational environment attractive and stimulating
creativity and competition for the generation of the future.